At Freehand Studios, we believe that beautifully illustrated work is a key component of impactful and compelling storytelling. We create a range of digital and ink illustrations for books and film.


We produce black and white ink-illustrated graphic novels. Our stories address history, governance, science, our natural world, and the future of education in Africa.


by Chief Nyamweya 

Art of Unlearning is the story of Gituma, the son of a dictator, who is unable to realize his creative potential until he meets three teachers who show him the Art of Unlearning to unlock his mind.

TRUST (In development)

by Chief Nyamweya & Anne Connelly 

Trust is set in the African future nation of Wahengaland. It follows the story of Moraa, a young woman from the city, who travels to her ancestral homeland to visit her ailing grandmother, (Mogokoro). Magokoro entrusts Moraa with the powerful Wahenga necklace to save their home from the clutches of the corrupt and powerful Uncle Max.


We excel at creating uniquely African stories.  Our studio specializes in scriptwriting, production, character development and conpect art. In partnership with our network of experienced and talented animators, we then go on to create 2D and 3D animations. 

Akili Kids! Station IDs

Big Brother is Coming to the Farm: the digital takeover of food

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Uli & Taata (In development)

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Trust (In development)


Food Sovereignty, Now! (In development)

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A Guide to Traveling with La Via Campesina (In development)